Can and How do I restore my Trezor using Mycelium?

Constantin -

Yes, as the Bitcoin Trezor also uses a BIP44 HD wallet it is compatible with the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet.

All you need to to do access the funds on your Trezor is restoring your mycelium bitcoin wallet using the trezors seed:

  • Make fresh install of mycelium
  • use "Restore Backup" at startup
  • Select the number of words you initialized your Trezor with (12, 18 or 24 words), check passphrase box if you used one with your Trezor, otherwise leave it unchecked.

Please note that any or none password put in will generate a valid wallet, so if you used your words and the wallet is empty with no transactions in it although there should be some recheck if you mistyped your passphrase.

You can find a more pictured explanation here

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    When can we do this with ios?