How do I restore a backup?

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If your phone is lost or damaged, you can make a fresh install of the Mycelium Wallet on a different device. Upon startup, choose “Restore Backup”. Choose 12 as the length of your word list, leave the “password” checkbox unchecked, and proceed to enter your word list. This recreates your master seed and automatically creates and synchronizes your first HD account.
It might take some time until your first account is synchronized and the balance updates. If you had more than one account, navigate to the “Accounts” tab, tap the button with a key+ on the upper right corner, and choose “Add HD Account” to re-create your second account. Note: This procedure only restores up your HD accounts. To restore your old single address accounts, you have to manually import each key/address by going to the Accounts tab, click the key+ button, select Advanced, and then Import.


If your previous Mycelium installation had a Local Trader account, you can recreate your trader account and data by clicking “Buy/Sell Bitcoins”, selecting the “My Info” tab, clicking “Create” and selecting the account that your local trader identity was associated with.



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