How can I check which addresses in my HD account have a balance?

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As of version 2.0 of Mycelium Wallet, your bitcoin balance is stored in accounts that contain multiple bitcoin addresses.

Since a new address is used for every receiving transaction, and a new change address is used for every spending transaction, it is normal to end up with your total balance being split among multiple bitcoin addresses, which the wallet will display as a single sum total. To see what bitcoin addresses your account consists of, and their individual balances, swipe to the right to the Accounts tab, press an account to select it, open the pop-up menu, and select «Show Unspent Outputs.»


If you look up the balance of one of your bitcoin addresses online, and find that it is lower than your wallet balance, that may be the reason — the wallet balance consists of many other addresses, and you are only looking at one of them.

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    can i open several HD account?
    you have mycelium wallet for PC? FOR WINDOWS7?

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    Hatem Elbehairy

    Can I use the same address more than once?

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    Hatem Elbehairy

    If I'm sending amount more that the available in one address, do I pay more than one minners fees?

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    This is so confusing.. What address do i have to provide to the mining application when they ask for wallet address ? is it the mycelium public key in Account button or the key that is shown in Receive button ?