How do I see my transaction history and details, and add labels to transactions?

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From the main screen, swipe to the Transactions tab on the left. This list shows all your incoming and outgoing transactions, along with dates and number of confirmations. Typically at least 1 confirmation is required to be sure your transaction can not be reversed.

If you wish to label a transaction, such as to record what it was for, or how much it was worth in your local currency, press the transaction to select it, and press the tag button in the top right corner. Enter a custom transaction label and press OK.

To see details for your transactions, press a transaction to select it, and press «Show Details» in the tab at the top. The detailed view shows the transaction number (Hash), date and time of the transaction, and bitcoin addresses involved in creating (Inputs) and receiving (Outputs) the amounts, as well as the fee paid to the network to process the transaction (Miner fee). Note that Inputs could have more than one address, if the amount being sent is larger than what is contained in any one of the addresses involved. For example, if you were sent 0.5 btc, and then later sent another 0.5 btc, the two 0.5 btc may be stored in different addresses, and will be combined into a single transaction if you send more than 0.5 btc to someone else.


Pressing on any text that is underlined and in blue (Hash, Inputs, or Outputs) will open your browser to that transaction detail to let you examine it more. Pressing and holding over the text of the transaction Hash will copy the transaction hash to your clipboard, which you can paste into an e-mail or elsewhere to share proof of the transaction.


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