How can I secure my phone with a PIN to prevent others from spending my bitcoins?

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Turning on the PIN code will lock the following functions with a PIN:

  • Sending bitcoins
  • Archiving and Activating accounts
  • Exporting single-address accounts (displaying their private key)
  • Adding new accounts (both HD and single address)
  • Changing your Local Trader settings, such as creating or changing your buy/sell orders.


To enable and configure a PIN lock for your wallet, open the pop-up menu and press Settings.


From there, scroll down to the «Pin Settings» section, and select «Set PIN Code»
(Be aware that you will have to create a BackUp of your wallet (MasterSeed) prior to creating a PIN code)

Enter your desired PIN code, which must consist of 6 numbers, then enter it again to confirm.
Choose whether you want to be able to reset your PIN, if checked you can reset the PIN after waiting for one week, if left unchecked you will not be able to reset it and will need your BackUp to restore access to your funds.


To clear the code press «Clear PIN Code» from the settings, and enter your PIN code to confirm.  

Note, if you lose your PIN number, the only way to restore access to your bitcoins is to restore from a backup. Setting a PIN number also does not prevent someone from uninstalling your Mycelium Wallet, or wiping its data. So please do not lose your backup.



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    Ryan Doss

    Is it possible to create a password using the phone app? I can't seem to find a way.