How do I create another account?

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As of version 2.0 of Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet, you can no longer create single address accounts. You can still import private keys created by other means.
To create a new account, swipe to the Accounts tab on the left, and press the key+ icon at the top. Press «Add HD Account.» Mycelium Wallet will create a new HD account as a subset of your master seed. This new account still uses your master seed to create new bitcoin addresses, and can be fully restored from the same master seed that was used to create your first account. Thus, you do not need to make a new backup. Note, if you create a new account, you can not create another one until the new one is used in at least one transaction. If you notice that your account starts to get slow to synchronize or update, which may happen once your account contains over 100 keys, it is recommended that you create a new HD account, and archive the old one. This will retain all your old keys, in case someone sends something to one of your old addresses, but will give you a fresh account with fewer keys to keep synchronized.

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    How do I create a new account..bitcom wallet