How to Sell Coins

AT -

  1. Click the  button
  2. Swipe to the right until you get to the My Sell Orders screen.
  3. Press the + in the top right corner to add a sell offer.
  4. Fill out all the relevant information on the Creating Sell Order screen, and hit Create.

Your offer is now visible to traders in your area, and your device will get a notification once someone initiates a trade with you.

You can create multiple sell orders, such as to sell from multiple locations, or to set different rates for different amounts. You can also highlight your sell order and select Deactivate in the menu above to temporarily disable your sell offer without deleting it.

Note - your sell order will automatically become inactive if you do not complete a sale within 60 days. To reactivate it, just select it and hit Activate, and it will remain active for another 60 days.

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