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Mycelium Entropy uses its LED to tell you its status. Move your mouse over, or touch the table below to see these notifications in action.

fast blinking

Device is busy.
It takes about 5 seconds to generate a normal wallet, or 10 to make an HD wallet or to upgrade the firmware. The device will blink rapidly if any of these actions are in progress.

slow blinking

Normal operation.
Your wallet is ready. You can request another one by briefly pressing the device’s button.

series of blinks (repeating)

Warning or error.
The number of blinks is the message code. See Blink Codes below.

steady light

USB communication problem.
You can see this if you plug your device into a USB charger instead of a proper host.

slowly pulsating

Configuration and update mode.

switched off

End of firmware update or configuration check.
It is now safe to unplug the device.

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