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Certain features, such as other coin types or Hierarchical Deterministic wallets, can be enabled and configured by placing Mycelium Entropy into Configuration mode:

  1. Hold the button down while inserting the device into your computer.

  2. The device’s LED will pulsate slowly. (Hover or touch here to see it).

  3. Your computer should detect a USB disk labelled ME-CONFIG.

  4. Open settings.txt on that disk in a text editor. If you haven’t got a preferred text editor, the default application for this file type will usually be adequate.

  5. Adjust configuration settings in the file as described below, and save it.

  6. Instruct your computer to eject/unmount/safely remove ME-CONFIG, like you would a regular USB flash stick.

  7. Briefly press the button on the device and wait for the light to turn off.

  8. Unplug the device.

If the LED enters a repeating pattern of several blinks and a pause, consult the Blink Codes section below and remove the device.
DO NOT press the button.

This procedure is also described in the readme.txt file on the ME-CONFIG disk. The settings.txt file is self-documented so you can tweak the configuration without access to this manual.

To revert to factory defaults, remove settings.txt and continue from step 6.
If a problem with the disk is reported:

  Windows may occasionally suggest checking the disk for errors. This is normal, and does not mean there is a problem with the device. You may let it check it, or leave it as is.
If something more serious is reported, such as the disk being broken, a possible cause can be that the device was removed without clicking the button while it was in the Configuration mode. To fix this, either erase the first block of the disk, or format it using your operating system. The configuration will revert to factory defaults.

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