What about previous backups? Do my old ones still work?

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Yes. You can still import keys and addresses you backed up with the previous version of Mycelium Wallet. Although we still offer users the option to create backups of single keys as well as create new single address accounts, we advise you to move your funds to a new HD account and backup your HD wallet master seed. 

You can determine what kind of Account you have when in the Accounts tab, our HD Accounts will have an icon displaying several keys, a Single Address will display a single key next to it and a Watch-Only Account, an Account to which your device does not have the corresponding private key to spend the funds associated with that address.

The Android Bitcoin Wallet by Mycelium not only offers Single-Address Accounts for Bitcoin users but also to create BIP44 HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Bitcoin Wallet Accounts

As long as you keep your old backups, though, you will be able to recover your legacy accounts using Mycelium. To import a private key, switch to the «Accounts» tab, tap the icon with a key and plus symbol in the upper right corner, and select «Advanced». Then scan your encrypted private key and enter the password.

Please see the picture below for an example of such an legacy backup:

- Notice that it will list everything that is included within this backup at the top, everything included in this backup is encrypted using a random password with an checksum at the end, which is only displayed on your device, you will need to write it on your print out manually.

The Android Bitcoin Wallet by Mycelium creates a secure backup of your wallet by using a random password and a checksum with which the contents of your backup is created, this password never leaves your device though in contrast to the encrypted PDF so that by transferring the password onto your print out manually you can be sure that no sensitive data was leaked.

All the addresses can be found starting on the next page of the PDF, to import an address, you will have to scan the encrypted private key and enter the password. If you add more than one address from the same backup, you will only have to enter the password once.

As Watch-only addresses are only for watching an bitcoin address without the function to spend funds from it, the backup does not contain the private key for this bitcoin address.

Mycelium tries to keep the user as independent from us as possible, in case we might disappear, please see our BackUpUtil here on GitHub.

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    i tried to restore my old wallet from 6 Monaths ago with the 12 words. It did not work. The words were safed in a password management tool. VERY disappointing. Lat summer i tried to send some money from Bitstamp to my mycelium wallet. It did not work mycelium had created a wrong address....
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    Scott Stevenson

    I had an Android version of Mycelium in 2014 and the phone was destroyed. Luckily I kept the paper backup form with the QR codes, 15-character password and checksum. See attached sample from http://support.mycelium.com/hc/en-us/articles/207045495-What-about-previous-backups-Do-my-old-ones-still-work-

    I do not have an android device and the iPhone version of Mycelium does not appear to accept Legacy Single Address accounts.

    How do I import a Legacy Single Address account if I do not have a the original Android device? I am in possession of the PDF with the QR Bitcoin address, QR encrypted Private Key, and the 15-character password and checksum?

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    Julián David López Alarcón

    I have a mycelium account and I have not received 4 payments that I made the previous days to the mail I send.
    my address is

    My correo is jdlopez202@gmail.com help