Will I be able to continue to use my current Local Trader identity?

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Yes. Your Local Trader identity will get carried over to the new version when upgrading, along with the rest of your private keys.

Keep in mind that you do not need to keep your Local Trader address active to be able to use it for trades, and you can even archive it to get it out of the way, while still using it as your Trader account.

As we noticed that our users do change their wallet from time to time we offer the option to export only the address that is connected to your Local Trader identity, this way you can keep a BackUp of your LT-identity in a safe place and easily restore it.

To do so:

  1. when in Balance tab, select "Buy / Sell Bitcoin"
  2. switch to the My Info tab, click the pop-menu in the right top corner.
  3. select "Backup Trader identity"
  4. Confirm the export by selecting "Yes"
  5. Your public key will be displayed, switch to private by toggling the slider at the top
  6. Long-click to confirm
  7. Export in a safe way.


Our best practice advise is to import the account into your new phone straight away, meaning to scan the QR code straight off your old phone.

If you like to restore your Local Trader identity on an fresh install of mycelium for example do so by importing your Local Trader address first:

  1. in Accounts tab, select Add Account / Advanced / (provide PIN if needed) / Scan
  2. scan the QR Code of your private key belonging to your local trader identity
  3. give it a fitting name, switch into Local Trader (Balance tab, "Buy / Sell Bitcoin")
  4. switch to My Info tab, it will ask to create a new identity, select create
  5. pick your identity from the account.
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