How do I send bitcoins?

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To send bitcoins, press the «Send» button. Note, if the send button is not visible, that means a private key is not available for the account currently selected (account is a watch-only address).

To enter the bitcoin address to send to, you can:
— press «Scan QR Code» to scan the bitcoin address using your phone’s camera
— press «Address Book» to choose from a list of addresses in your address book, or to choose one of your own addresses
— press «Clipboard» to use an address you copied from elsewhere
— press «Manual Entry» to type the address in by hand.

Note that an address will not be accepted unless it is valid, and thanks to error checking built into bitcoin addresses, entering an incorrect address by accident is unlikely. If the address isn’t being accepted, check for typos.

Select «Enter Amount» to type in the amount you wish to send. You can switch between entering the amount in bitcoin, or in your local currency, by pressing the mBTC button in the top right corner next to the amount being entered. This lets you send an amount in bitcoin equivalent to a specified value of your local currency. The currency and exchange rate used here is the same one you select to be displayed on the main screen.

Once you have entered the Bitcoin address and an amount, you can click Send to send your transaction.


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    Sergei Rozdestvenskij

    Как мне перевести евро через Cashila я с белоруси

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    James Mitchell

    I have a balance of 3k and I'm trying to transfer my coins but its not allowing men to send my most recent transaction even after 50+ confirmations. Help please???

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    Cory Bradshaw

    I can't send Bitcoin to the address I'm putting in its says invalid address before I even start and my address is vaild

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    Cuando abrí mi monedero Mycellium hice una copia de seguridad con 12 palabras pero no me pidió ingresar un PIN. Ahora que quiero enviar btc me pide un PIN para la transacción. Que debo hacer?

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    Hello, I have 124$ on my account , But I cant sent It . Please help me check .Thank you !

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    I cant sent my money and suport Never reply .