How can I add a bitcoin address to my address book, or manage a list of my contacts’ addresses?

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To get to your address book, swipe to the right twice to get to the Address Book tab. To add someone else’s address, press the icon of a person with a + in the top right corner, and select either «Scan» to scan a QR code of the address, or «Clipboard» to use an address you copied from elsewhere. Enter the label you wish to use for this address, and press Ok. Now, when you send coins, you can choose this recipient from your address book by pressing the «Address Book» button. If you wish to show the address as a QR code, change the address label, or delete it from your address book, press the address to select it, and select the option from the list at the top. The «Delete» option is hidden behind a pop-up menu to keep you from accidentally deleting the address.

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    Found an error: the "person" icon is still in the fourth tab, which now is the businesses tab, effectively preventing me from adding new addresses.
    Please move the icon back to the appropriate tab, so I can use the address book again. :)

    Current version is: 2.8.12 (281201)


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    Dan Hannsman

    I second the above comment. This should be an fix, relatively speaking