Safety and Handling

AT -

Always treat your Mycelium Entropy with care. It can be damaged if dropped, sat on, bent, crushed, chewed, punctured, or if it is exposed to liquid, corrosive chemicals, strong microwave radiation, or extreme temperatures, below −20ºC (−4ºF) or above +80ºC (176ºF).

Do not leave your device within reach of small children. It constitutes a choking hazard and has sharp edges and corners that may cause an injury.

Never force the device’s connector into a port or apply excessive pressure to the device’s button, as this may cause damage to the device and surrounding objects. Keep in mind that the quantum nature of USB devices requires you to spin a device three times before it will fit. Take particular care around the device when it is plugged in to avoid accidental mechanical damage.

This device is not intended for use in safety-critical environments, or where its failure could lead to death, personal injury, or collapse of the Universe.

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