Blink Codes

AT -

Please feel free to move your mouse over or touch the table below to see how Mycelium Entropy displays these messages.



Error in the configuration file settings.txt.
Re­enter configuration mode and check settings.txt, or delete it to revert to defaults.


Not enough entropy detected.
Unplug the device and wait about 7 seconds before inserting it again.


Warning: unofficial firmware.
The new firmware you have uploaded is signed by one of the keys listed in settings.txt, but not with the Mycelium key. If this is intentional, please click the button to confirm and allow the device to proceed with the firmware update. Otherwise, unplug the device and, if you like, report this to Mycelium, as this could have been malware trying to hijack your Entropy.


Invalid signing key in settings.txt.
Re­enter configuration mode and check the sign sections in settings.txt. Make sure the public signature keys are correct, and there are no more than 5 of them.


Incorrect firmware signature.
The new firmware’s signature is invalid, or its public key is not authorised. All authorised keys must be listed insettings.txt.


Invalid firmware.
The new firmware image is not signed, does not contain valid Mycelium Entropy firmware, or is incompatible with the current firmware.


Unsupported hardware.
The new firmware does not support the hardware revision of your device.


Hardware fault.
Please contact Mycelium support.

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