Configuration File Structure

AT -

The ‘#’ character starts a comment, which extends to the end of the line. Comments contain information for you and are ignored by Mycelium Entropy. They can also be used to disable a setting without removing it from the file, and to select one option amongst multiple alternatives, like so:

# Type of cryptocurrency / network / coin:
coin Bitcoin
#coin Litecoin
#coin Peercoin
#coin testnet

Empty lines are ignored.

Each configuration option except sign occupies its own line in the file. It consists of a keyword, optionally followed by a parameter. Keywords and parameters are not case sensitive.

Network and coin type

Keyword: coin.
Possible parameters: Bitcoin, BTC, Litecoin, LTC, Peercoin, PPCoin, PPC, or testnet.

Compressed versus uncompressed keys

Keyword: compressed or uncompressed.
No parameters.
Most keys today are compressed. This option is ignored for Hierarchical Deterministic wallets, which always use compressed keys.

Hierarchical Deterministic wallets

Keyword: hd.
Optional parameter: path to the node whose extended public key is to be printed.
The maximum path length is 31 characters. The default value corresponds to the BIP-44 Account 0 for the selected coin/network type. See the Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets section for more information.

‘Type-1’ salt, aka ‘Diceware’

Keyword: salt1.
Parameter: 1–32 bytes of your own salt in hexadecimal; spaces are permitted for readability.
This option allows you to add your own entropy in a verifiable way. See the Salt section for more information.

Authorised firmware signing keys

Keyword: sign.
Parameter: 64 bytes of an uncompressed public ECDSA key in hexadecimal; spaces and line breaks are permitted for readability.
You will only need this option if you want to install third party firmware, or firmware that you have built yourself. By default it is set to the Mycelium firmware signing key. For more information, refer to firmware building instructions in the source code repository at

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