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Normal firmware updates are performed by the main firmware. (If you flash a custom image that doesn’t work, see 'Un-bricking' below.)

To enter firmware update and configuration mode, hold the button while plugging the device in. It will become a storage device where you can find readme.txt with brief instructions and settings.txt for configuration.

By default, only firmware signed by the Mycelium signing key is accepted. To allow your custom firmware in, add your public signature key to settings.txt with the sign keyword. If you use the auto-generated key.cfg, you can find the public key inside in comments.

Copy me/entropy-1.0/me.bin onto the device and tell your operating system that you are done. When it says it’s safe to remove the device, click the button to commence the update. When you see a repeating pattern of four blinks, it’s the device asking you to confirm that you trust your key. Click the button again and wait until the LED is off. Then unplug the device.

The device asks for confirmation before flasing a non-Mycelium signed firmware image in order to prevent malware from adding its own key to settings.txt and then uploading a compromised image.


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